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I have years of experience in insurance litigation. Various disputes arise out of Homeowners Insurance (Residential Property Insurance), Automobile Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, and Commercial Property Insurance. All of these disputes have their own set of intricacies and each case has different circumstances surrounding it, making it that much more important to hire an experienced insurance lawyer in St. Petersburg.I have dedicated my entire legal career to handling the disputes arising between consumers and their insurance companies whether they are seeking compensation for a car accident or need their house repaired after sinkhole damage. I have never represented an insurance company. Contact us today for a free consultation.


“Why do insurance companies do it when they are so “warm and fuzzy” in their advertisements? I thought I could trust my insurance company.”

Remember the one reason insurance companies exist: to make profit. Remember the one reason to advertise: to get you to give them profit.

Over the years, the insurance industry has developed practices designed to delay and deny coverage. The benefits from these practices are two-fold for the insurance companies and we all need to be aware of them:

  1. Individual adjusters often save thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per claim by tough negotiations with their insured. With thousands of claims per month, the financial gains for a large insurance company is well in the millions or tens of millions of dollars per month.
  2. The second benefit of the insurance company tactics involves the “time-value” of money. If a company can delay paying a large claim for six months to a year, it can have that money it will eventually pay out invested, and can often make thousands of dollars on that money during the delay. Again, multiply this profit by the thousands of claims per month and you have millions of dollars in profit.

Be aware that both of the above practices are intrinsically against your best interest and can often be curbed by proper legal counsel. Contact me as soon as you notice practices in which insurance company appears to be doing anything other than what you have been paying them for… INSURING YOU IN CASE OF A LOSS.


A few examples of unfair practices that insurance companies commonly engage in include:

  1. Failing to respond to calls for weeks at a time.
  2. Utilizing double talk and rhetoric to delay the process.
  3. Over-stating the “mitigation of damages” doctrine.
  4. Constantly changing adjusters so that a new adjuster needs time to “get acquainted with your file.”
  5. Requiring unreasonable acts prior to settlement.
  6. Claiming your negligence somehow contributed to the loss or damage.
  7. Claiming there is an “exclusion” for your type of loss.

Know your rights in the face of these large corporate machines. Do not forget the one reason that insurance companies are formed: to make profit. Paying out claims is not profitable for your insurance carrier!

If you have any questions about your insurance dispute, do not hesitate to contact me directly for a free consultation immediately. Of course I do appreciate your filling out the contact form, but please also do not hesitate to call me directly toll free at 888-821-3195 or 727 821-3195. All of your information will remain confidential.

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Jeff S
Jeff S
03:54 19 May 15
Want an attorney that knows insurance business laws? Jason won my insurance claim case by presenting the facts clearly and consistently challenging People's Trust Insurance company on their stance in my case.
Howard Comley
Howard Comley
13:45 03 Feb 16
Great service, backed with knowledge and commitment to a favorable outcome.
WebDesigner Christian
WebDesigner Christian
19:06 10 Aug 15
Thank you so much.
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