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Attorneys Clifford Wells and Jason Herman have been devoted exclusively to obtaining fair compensation for injured persons and their loved ones in their St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater claims for years.

They have successfully negotiated and litigated against nearly every major insurance company in the state and represented almost every type of injury imaginable. They are in personal contact with each of their clients from the original meeting through the whole personal injury negotiation process and trial.

“Personal Injury” is actually a vague term

It encompassing all tort litigation whether by automobile, product liability, premises liability, or even intentional conduct like assault and battery. Tort litigation is a lawsuit filed in a civil court that puts one individual up against another individual. Of course, the term “individual” also encompasses corporations like insurance companies. Further, the Tampa Personal injury law also includes the pre-litigation portion of a claim, and not all cases make it to a point where a lawsuit is filed.

A personal injury claim can take months or years to resolve, and every case is unique. Usually, it begins by sending a “Letter of Representation” to all involved insurance companies to find out what kind of coverage is available from the insurance company for your personal injury claim. Herman & Wells will then continue to collect information and investigate your claim while you can concentrate on making the fullest recovery possible without the added stress of dealing with an insurance company. Depending on the details of the case, Herman & Wells, will present the results of this investigation to the insurance company. From there, they will communicate between you and the insurer in an effort to get you the compensation you deserve.

Sometimes, a case winds up going into litigation

At this point, we will file a lawsuit in the appropriate venue on your behalf that may ultimately culminate in a jury trial. Many so-called “St Petersburg Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys” will reach this point in your case and try to force you to settle for whatever offer is being made or withdraw as counsel. Sometimes, they may not even refer you to somebody else, leaving you with the big box of paper they put together and nothing more. The law firm of Herman & Wells, however, is a trial law firm who goes to trial regularly and if necessary will argue your case to a jury with experience and tenacity.

There are many lawyers who hold themselves out as “St Petersburg Tampa personal injury Attorneys” that actually specialize in something else, like tax, real estate, or corporate law, and are merely trying their hand at personal injury law

Other lawyers are professional advertisers who operate only by the large number of cases they handle, commonly called “plaintiff mills.” Other lawyers simply refer their cases out to other attorneys who will actually handle the case and pay them a referral fee. It is important that you choose your attorney based on the his or her qualifications, experience and education.

Of course, there are many personal injury cases which we handle that are not mentioned above. If you have an injury related question please call the Law Offices of Herman & Wells at 727 821-3195 to speak to Attorney Wells or Herman directly  and we will evaluate your case free of charge.

There is no charge for an initial consultation. You owe us nothing unless we recover compensation for you.

Please contact us online or call:
727 821-3195

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Jeff S
Jeff S
03:54 19 May 15
Want an attorney that knows insurance business laws? Jason won my insurance claim case by presenting the facts clearly and consistently challenging People's Trust Insurance company on their stance in my case.
Howard Comley
Howard Comley
13:45 03 Feb 16
Great service, backed with knowledge and commitment to a favorable outcome.
WebDesigner Christian
WebDesigner Christian
19:06 10 Aug 15
Thank you so much.
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