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Every minute you spent in a car or a truck increases the likelihood of coming across someone else who is not paying attention, who is driving too fast, driving while tired, while on the phone, while texting, while intoxicated, or while focusing on the scenery rather than the road. There are approximately five million (5,000,000) motor vehicle accidents every year in America. About forty thousand (40,000) result in fatalities.

The fact is that more people under 34 years of age die in automobile collisions than by any other means. The insurance carriers give fighting the claims arising out a collision a tremendous amount of money, time and research. They extensively train every one of their adjusters in the psychology of how to manipulate you into settling for the absolute least amount of money as possible. The failure to do so directly effects their profitability for shareholders.

If you have been in an automobile collision, it is imperative that you find an attorney who has the knowledge, experience and ambition to represent you as well as the integrity to meet with you individually and pay attention to your injuries and concerns. I have specialized in automobile related cases in Florida for over seven years and successfully litigated against every major insurance carrier in the state.

If you have been in an automobile collision, a consultation with me, Attorney Herman & Wells is free. Please feel free to call now at (727) 821-3195, toll free 888 821-3195.


Statistically, you will be in more than one collision before you stop driving due to old age. It is important that you know what to do.

Immediately after the collision, before you speak to anyone, call the police to assist the insurance claim process. Call paramedics if there could possibly be an injury. It is important that the police report be as accurate as possible (even if it is not admitted into evidence). Often, what seem like very friendly people who cause a crash will blame you the following day when they speak to the insurance carriers and there are no witnesses or photographs of the scene to rebut them.

If you have a camera, photograph the scene prior to moving the vehicles. Commonly, people disagree how the cars were situated. Obtain contact information of all witnesses before they leave and if possible, take recorded statements before memories can fade. Often, insurance claims go on for months.

An insurance adjuster will probably try to get a recorded statement of you before you get an attorney. It is always best to speak to an attorney prior to talking to an insurance adjuster.


If you suspect that you may possibly have been injured, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Usually after a crash your body will go into shock and release endorphins which mask the pain of an injury. You may notice that your fingers are shaking a little and your heart rate is elevated due to this fight or flight reaction.

It is common for people who have surgical injuries only feeling stiffness, a burning sensation, or a headache the day of the crash. Let the doctor know about any symptoms or that you may be in shock. He or she will know what to do.

In addition, if you delay in treatment will lead the insurance company and their attorneys to argue that it was not the collision that caused your injury.

It is imperative that you find a Florida personal injury attorney who knows how to handle automobile accident claims and has the professionalism to meet with you one on one in order to work up your case properly. If you have been in an automobile collision, a consultation with me is free. You will owe me nothing unless I recover for you.

Please contact me online or call toll free 888-821-3195 or 727-821-3195.

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Jeff S
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Want an attorney that knows insurance business laws? Jason won my insurance claim case by presenting the facts clearly and consistently challenging People's Trust Insurance company on their stance in my case.
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Howard Comley
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Great service, backed with knowledge and commitment to a favorable outcome.
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