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There is a theory that only attorneys who actually go to trial and win in the difficult cases can demand full value in settlements from insurance carriers on even the good cases.

Winning a tough trial takes skill. Our firm does not cherry pick by trying only our best cases to pad our numbers.

We even go to trial on difficult cases when it is needed. Often times, who caused the injury as well as causation and the injuries are disputed.

The list below are the most recent verdicts only. Remember that each case is different, and no one can guarantee your case will get as much or more than these.

THIS LIST DOES NOT INCLUDE OUR SETTLEMENTS. First of all, there are too many to list and we have more important things to do than update our web site every week, but moreover, BECAUSE WE FEEL THAT A SETTLEMENT IS LESS REFLECTIVE OF THE SKILL OF THE ATTORNEYS.

Danette Griffith v. Roy Baptiste
Verdict $936,622.15

This personal injury case went to trial in Sarasota, Florida. I (Clifford Wells, Esq.) tried the case with Matt Powell, Esq. a great friend of the firm and phenomenal attorney. After the verdict, the defendant appealed. Our own Jason Herman, Esq. fought the appeal and argued in front of the 2nd District Court of Appeals which upheld our verdict, and awarded us interest as well. When it was all done, the defendants’ insurance wound up paying just under a million dollars.

Tia Turner v. Philip Cintron
Verdict and attorneys’ costs: $97,164.11 (EXCESS VERDICT)

This case involved an automobile collision against a defendant who ran a red light. The defendants’ insurance carrier, GEICO refused to tender their $10,000 policy and forced us to go all the way to trial. The jury awarded what we refer to as an “excess verdict” meaning that the verdict was more than the defendants’ insurance policy. In this case, rather than facing a bad faith claim, the full verdict (after setoffs) for some insurance payments was paid by GEICO even though there was only $10,000.00 in BI (bodily injury) coverage.

Ken Shifflet v. Citizens.
Verdict plus attorneys’ fees and costs: $294,000.00

This sinkhole/collapse case went to trial here in St. Petersburg in 2016. Citizens Insurance Company is the state owned/operated insurance company and therefore, has been ruled as totally immune from bad faith insurance practices. This means that there are absolutely no repercussions upon its adjusters or the company if they do not deal with their insured (your community) fairly or even honestly. Citizens and its employees are almost totally immune from civil suits for anything other than the actual contractual damages. Because of this, Citizens fights much more than other private insurance carriers, even if they know they are wrong. This trial resulted in Citizens being required to pay Mr. Shifflet’s full policy as well as our attorney’s fees.

Jerome Mullino v. Vincent Maxwell dba Genesis Transportation and Lendon Carter.
Verdict: $377,000 to be reduced by 50% for comparative fault. This verdict is not final and is currently under appeal. This Broward County, (Ft. Lauderdale) trial involved an automobile that was hit by a semi. The Semi driver claimed he was backing into a parking place at the time of the impact.

Dustin Prevatt v. Brett Weeks.
Verdict: $85,675.00 plus plaintiff’s costs. This was a Pinellas county rear end collision.

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Jeff S
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Want an attorney that knows insurance business laws? Jason won my insurance claim case by presenting the facts clearly and consistently challenging People's Trust Insurance company on their stance in my case.
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Howard Comley
13:45 03 Feb 16
Great service, backed with knowledge and commitment to a favorable outcome.
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WebDesigner Christian
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