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Welcome to my videos page. I have created a series of videos of the questions I am most often asked from people that have been injured in an accident. If you have questions about your accident watch the videos below or you can give us a call and we will answer any questions you have. Free of charge of course.


When Should Someone Seek Representation


What Makes Herman Wells Different Jason

What is PIP

What Is Personal Injury

What can a client expect from you as their attorney Jason

What are Some Common Misconceptions

Herman & Wells
What if I Have Been in an Accident and Don’t Have Insurance
What is my Case Worth?
Am I a Bad Person For Filing a Claim?
How Long Will it Take to Get my Insurance Settlement Money?
About Herman & Wells
Personal Injury Attorney Herman & Wells

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Jeff S
Jeff S
03:54 19 May 15
Want an attorney that knows insurance business laws? Jason won my insurance claim case by presenting the facts clearly and consistently challenging People's Trust Insurance company on their stance in my case.
Howard Comley
Howard Comley
13:45 03 Feb 16
Great service, backed with knowledge and commitment to a favorable outcome.
WebDesigner Christian
WebDesigner Christian
19:06 10 Aug 15
Thank you so much.
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